"We learn through challenges, accomplish through perseverance, surprising even ourselves."   - Ruth Fowler
As a licensed professional counselor, I specialize in short-term results using Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), combined with other modalities. In counseling individuals, couples, groups, children, adolescents, and families, I find that self-defeating attitudes, feelings, and behaviors can be dramatically changed with the use of REBT’s action-oriented, solution-oriented, cognitive-behavioral approach.

As an educator for 25 years, I taught English, Creative Writing, and career-based classes to gifted, average, and at-risk students. Career counseling has been a passion since 1977 when I began teaching at a New Orleans career-based magnet high school. After returning to Houston, I worked as a placement counselor for an employment agency. Returning to teaching, my interest in careers continued, spurring me to pursue a counseling degree.

In private practice as a career counselor and therapist since 1995, I had expected to concentrate chiefly on career counseling; however, clients’ personal issues induced me to take advanced training to enhance my counseling repertoire.

Another part of my practice entails local to worldwide public speaking engagements. Small to medium businesses, large corporations, and medical and government institutions invite me to speak to their employees. I also address teacher, parent, and student groups.

One facet of my practice is meeting the special needs of the gifted and talented. Currently, I conduct a monthly support group for parents, which focuses on how best to meet the challenges of developing a gifted child. Having taught GT classes for nine years, I have individually counseled many GT adolescents and adults.

As a coordinator for SMART Recovery® (Self-Management and Recovery Training), I facilitate meetings to train individuals to overcome self-defeating and/or addictive behaviors, such as substance abuse, anger management, poor relationships, depression, anxiety, low frustration tolerance, and other all too human problems. Based on this model, I set up a program for teens called STAR (Stop Teen Addictions Rationally). Teen Forum is a group for average teens with problems they want to resolve.

Always active, I enjoy traveling, photography, yoga, creative writing, film and drama, music, and dancing, continuing education classes, bridge, walking, hiking, canoeing, rafting, grandparenting, and anything fun or interesting. My greatest treasures are my daughter and son, their spouses, and five grandchildren. 


   M.Ed. in Counseling, University of Houston

   M.A., California State University at Northridge

   B.A., San Diego State University 


   Certification, Texas Licensed Professional Counselor

   Certification, Master Career Counselor

   Certification, Primary and Advanced REBT Counselor

   Certification, Gifted and Talented Teacher


   Albert Ellis Institute of New York:

REBT training

  • Primary and Advanced Practicum
  • Addictions Practicum
  • Additional seminars and workshops

Dr. Phil Training

  • Trained in Learn Dr. Phil from Dr. Frank Lawlis program
  • Ethics and Dr. Phil's Approach
  • The Life Strategies Course

Imago Therapy Marital Counseling

John Gottman Institute for Marriage Counseling: Level 3

Seminars and workshops including personality disorders, ethics, curbing urges, anger management, depression, stress relief and its connection to disease, domestic violence, panic attacks, and a variety of related mental health issues.

Professional Memberships

  • American Counseling Association

  • National Career Development Association

  • Texas Counseling Association

  • Texas Career Development Association

  • Houston Licensed Professional Counselors Association

  • Texas Association of Gifted and Talented

  • American Association of University Women




Professional Memberships



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