Don't Be Blue, Renee!
Helping Your Child Achieve Emotional Health

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Fowler, Ruth and Richard Fowler. The Feelings Fix: Renee Discovers How to Fix Her Feelings.  Houston, TX. Fowler Enterprises, ©2005. (A story to help your child get through the grumpies – ages 5 to 10).  $9.95.

Sarmiento, Robert. Emotional Management Skills. Houston, TX: Sarmiento Associates, PC, 2001.  $9.95.

Sarmiento, Robert. Reality Check: Twenty Questions to Screw Your Head on Straight. Houston, TX: Sarmiento Associates, PC, 2002. $9.95.

These books may be purchased by contacting me at

Ellis, Albert and Arthur Lange. How to Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons.  NY: Birch Lane Press, 1994.

Ellis, Albert. How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything - Yes, Anything. N.J.: Lyle Stuart, 1988.

Ellis, Albert. and R. Harper. A New Guide to Rational Living. No. Hollywood: Wilshire Book Company, 1975.

Burns, David. The Feeling Good Handbook. NY: William Morrow, 1989.

Burns, David. Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. NY: Signet, 1980.

Charlesworth, Edward and Ronald Nathan. Stress Management: Comprehensive Guide to Wellness. NY: Atheneum, 1984.

Ellis, Albert. Anger-How to Live With and Without It. Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1977.

Ellis, Albert and Wm. Knaus. Overcoming Procrastination. NY: New American Library, 1977.

Hawkins, Kathleen and Peter Turla. Time Management Made Easy. NY: Penguin Books, 1994.

Schechter, Harriet. Let Go of Clutter. NY: McGraw-Hill, 2001.

Solomon, Muriel. Working with Difficult People. Paramus, NJ: Prentice Hall Press, 2002.

Spizman, Robyn Freedman. Helping Kids Get Organized. Torrance, CA: Frank Schaffer Publications, Inc., 1995.

Beck, Aaron. Love Is Never Enough. NY: Harper & Row, 1988.

Hauck, Paul. Marriage is a Loving Business. Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1977.

Bradley, Fred and Lloyd Stone. Parenting Without Hassles: Parents and Children As Partners. Salt Lake City: Olympus, 1983.

Silverman, Marvin and David Lustig. Parent Survival Training No. Hollywood: Wilshire Book Company, 1987.

Sinetar, Marsha. Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow. NY: Paulist Press, 1987.

Tieger, P. & B. Do What You Are. Boston: Little Brown, 1992.

Ellis, A., Abrams, M. and, L. Dengelegi.  The Art of Rational Eating. NJ: Barricade Books, Inc., 1992.

Ellis, Albert and E. Velten. When AA Doesn't Work For You: Rational Steps to Quitting Alcohol. NJ: Baricade, 1992.

Fletcher, Anne M. Sober for Good: New Solutions for Drinking Problems. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2001.

Tate, Philip Alcohol: How to Give It Up and Be Glad You Did. Altamonte Springs, FL: Rational Self-Help Press, 1993.

You can order these and many other self help books from SMART Recovery® at 440.951.5357 or the Albert Ellis Institute at 800.323.4738 or





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