"To achieve our ultimate goals is not happiness; it is to be able to solve our problems along the way."  - Unknown
Workshops and Seminars are designed and presented on subjects tailored to the specific needs of corporate, educational, government and community groups.
Overcoming Procrastination:
  Identifying Causes and Strategies to Stop
The ABC's of Emotional Intelligence:
  A Toolkit for Problem Solving
Assertive Communication:
  Prevent and/or Resolve Conflict
Earning a Degree Without Being in a Classroom:
  Distance Learning and Other Methods
Gifted and Talented Children:
  Meeting Their Unique Challenges
Energizing the Regular Classroom:
  Strategies to Bring Everyday Teaching Alive
Getting Where You Want To Go:
  Targeting Goals by Focusing Energy
Confidence Building:
  Attitude of Success
Project Team Development:
  Motivation and Cooperation
Career Transition:
  Break Out of the Box
Assertiveness Training:
  Unleash Your Personal Power
All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go:
  Solutions for Stress Management
Speaking fees are based upon travel distance, time requirements, audience size, and other pertinent factors.

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