“Of all the times in our lives which we love and fear, none compares with the teenage years!”  - Deanna Carleton
STAR (Stop Teen Addictions Rationally) is a self-help program established to help teens in their struggle with drug and/or alcohol use, abuse, or dependency.  Freedom from any addictive behavior is the main focus of this program.  At the same time, teens will be trained in skills for communicating with parents, siblings, teachers, and friends without anger and confrontation.  Issues such as how to handle procrastination, goal-setting, school work habits, decision making, and other such topics will also be addressed.  Realistic thinking, healthy emotions, and pro-active behaviors are brought about when a teen assumes a responsible role in making her/his choices. 

This program, based on the SMART Recovery® model, entails a four point process designed for the members to gain independence from addictive and self-defeating thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  It leads to emotional and physical well-being and the knowledge that not only is life worth living, it is worth living well. 

Participants learn to:

  • Increase Motivation to Change

  • Recognize and Resist Urges to Use and/or Abuse

  • Solve Life Problems

  • Develop a balanced lifestyle

Meetings are held every Tuesday afternoon from 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM in the seminar classroom of my office at 955 Dairy Ashford, Suite 105, Houston, TX 77079.  More groups will be formed as needed. 

Meetings are held only once a week because the participant is expected to engage in self-assigned homework.  The ABC technique is demonstrated at each meeting.  In addition, members are trained in 25 other techniques for resolving problems and handling troublesome situations.





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