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NOTICE:  If you are in a crisis or emergency situation, or you are having thoughts about killing yourself or others, this link is not appropriate for you.  I do care, and I feel compassion for your pain, but my site is focused on self-help and is not set up for handling a crisis. 


Please seek professional help in your community or talk to someone you trust such as parents, your doctor, a relative, friend, minister, priest, rabbi, teacher, co-worker, employee assistance counselor, school counselor, crisis helpline, or other trusted individual.  For information on finding a therapist, look online under Finding a Therapist.  If you are having thoughts of suicide, please press here. SUICIDE


Inquiry About My Services:


To ask for further information about my on-line and in-person services, including counseling, career testing, coaching, or public speaking, please click Client Services, or call 281.759.5991.


Finding A Therapist (1-800-THERAPIST):


In looking for a therapist, don’t be shy about asking what theory and methods the counselor uses, their credentials and training, their experience with your type of problem, their specific plans for addressing it and the expected length and prognosis of treatment.  Many factors contribute to the success of therapy, so it pays to “shop around”.  If you aren’t satisfied with your therapist, just find another therapist.  To find a cognitive/behaviorally oriented therapist in your area, call the Institute for Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy at 800.323.4738 or visit their web site (  For help with substance abuse call SMART Recovery® at 440.951.5357 or check out their web site (   




Self-help is useful, but it is not a substitute for professional assistance.  Emotional and behavioral problems can be debilitating and dangerous.  Please seek professional help

  • If you have thoughts of killing yourself or harming others,

  • If you frequently feel depressed, anxious, guilt, or down on yourself,

  • If you are abusing substances,

  • If your performance or interpersonal relationships are impaired.


See "How to Find a Therapist" or "When Life Doesn’t Seem Worth It."

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Telephone:  281.759.5991

Cell Phone:  713.502.1996


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Ruth G. Fowler, LPC

955 Dairy Ashford, Suite 105

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